The Trump Sign In My Neighborhood

Talking politics in West Michigan is always interesting. Despite the fact that Michigan is a blue state, here in the west there are a fair number of conservatives. Conversation between conservatives and myself when veering into politics usually goes one of two ways: We agree to not discuss the issues due to differing viewpoints and move on, or I make sure if discussed the other person will not start personally attacking me and we have a calm, rational debate. The latter is a very rare occurrence.

So why am I thinking about politics in West Michigan? Well, everyday, at 7:50am I leave the elementary school after dropping my son off at Open Door and heading to work. And everyday, I pass the only Trump sign in the neighborhood. And everyday I wonder, ‘does anyone else have the urge to knock on the door and ask what the hell these people are thinking?’ Because all I can think is they are either rich or want to be rich and somehow think Trump’s wealth will rub off on the rest of us, or they’re closet racists/misogynists who like the person who says what the others have the decency and intelligence not to say.

I haven’t posted a political rant this year. I don’t think I posted one last election. In fact, I’m not sure a political race has been this upsetting since 2004 when Bush won the election.

This is worse. This is worse times a billion. I love my country. It’s not a perfect utopia by any means, but that doesn’t exist as anything but a comparison to work toward. However, this run for candidacy has gone on far too long, and the scary supporters who follow Trump in the general population, the ones he would probably refer to as ‘losers’, well, somehow these people are still blindly supporting him. I’m not sure if it’s his crazy stance on erecting walls and cutting us off from the rest of the world, (that we are always trying to fix, but apparently only if it affects us in some way and only if it means no one is ever allowed to come here-oh, wait, isn’t Trump’s wife not American…Hmm…), or if it’s his blatant racism and scary military ideas. He has followers. He has a scary amount of followers who blatantly¬†disregard his lack of political experience because he ‘says it like it is’. Really? Does he?

America is huge. We are a ridiculously diverse nation. I mean, freedom of religion and speech and political stance is a right; we will never as a country agree on guns, abortion, religion, or economics. I understand that. But seriously, how is it so many of us disagree on Trump?


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