Lessons From Trump

A few days ago, my child announced that he hated Donald Trump. As the non-dating single mom of a six year old, we don’t talk politics a whole lot. I asked him why he felt that way, and he looked up at me with his tear filled brown eyes, lip quiver in full action, and said, “Donald Trump wants to build a wall. If he builds a wall, I can’t ever go to Kentucky and see where I was born!”

Now, clearly this isn’t the case. However, these are the lessons my six year old is taking from this election race. We build walls to exclude and separate. This might not seem like Trump’s biggest negative, but this is huge! He knowingly wants to teach my child and your child that is OKAY to exclude and separate. He is teaching our youth if you are different, then you must be a loser. If you aren’t the right color you might be a terrorist or a criminal. If you are a woman, you are less than your male counterpart. (I’m not even going to get into his atrocious and horrific views on women because that is a separate matter all together that I will really sit down and think about this weekend). THESE ARE NOT OKAY LESSONS. I have been striving since Smalls was able to speak and understand that every family and every person is different and this is okay. We are only different in certain ways, the ways that don’t really matter, such as skin color, gender, sex, family makeup,  etc. When it all boils down, unless you’re a sociopath or something, we all want to be loved and accepted for who we are.

Now, this is just a short little blurb, but really think about the impact Trump is having on our kids and our society without even making it to office. It’s time to treat our kids with the respect and understanding they deserve. Explain to them why this message isn’t okay.


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