A Confession of How We Lived

I used to be crazy
The way we lived in the bottle
The half memories of rooftops
A house
A bookstore
Seeing the world as we shimmied up a drainpipe
I think
Threw rocks at the stop sign by the Malt Shop
Stood on the edge of light on campus
Two AM
First snow lit in the darkness
Saw the world in New York
From the top of an empty water tower platform
Save from some kids and a couch
Frozen in place
The fear of the descent
Still fresh

Stood with another
The first time he experienced snow
My smoking buddy from India
Middle of the night
Breaking from papers

The car alone playing London Calling
Watching middle schoolers
Choking up for no reason but time
A moment will pass and
This parking lot
I am unavoidably
The streets
They no longer fall away
London is a memory of
A drug deal maybe
Drinking in the street and
The water closet walls that fell away
A man on a little bike grabbed my face

It is quiet now
Coffee in the morning
Mugs featuring all the places
Our small family has traveled
A plant in the corner
A confession of my crazy
A question of how we lived
Of how we live


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