A Beginning

Here I have the first of the writing exercises I’ve challenged myself to do everyday. I did a quick version during lunch, and I plan to expand on this because it needs some editing, some more description, and Jo, she needs some answers and she is the kind of person who will not quit until she gets them. Also, I might change it out of first person. Anyway, I was given a list of facial attributes to choose from, and the beginning of a sentence: “None one ever said I was…”

My attributes:

  • heart shaped face
  • freckled complexion
  • saucer eyes
  • so dark her eyes look black
  • button nose
  • apple cheeks
  • auburn hair
  • curly hair
  • full mouth
  • crooked pearly teeth
  • dimples

Her name: Jolene Patricia Jameson

“No one ever said I was a patient person!” I yell as the screen door slams shut behind me.

“Jolene Jameson!” My sister yells, but I’m on my bike and pedaling before she can finish yelling at me to stay home. Because he’s back. I can feel it deep down all the way to my toes. He’s back, and I know because I had the dream again last night, the same dream I had when the hospital called Ma the last time.

“Jolene!” Jimmy is racing across his yard all awkward limbs and geekiness and glasses, and I stop by his driveway because this is Jimmy, my neighbor and best friend since diapers.

“Grab your bike, Jimmy. We’re heading to the wrong side of the tracks,” I say as I pull my curly hair out of my face. I pull the hair tie from my wrist and put it in a ponytail, because it is going to be hot today.

He pushes his black rimmed glasses up, a dubious look on his face. “Jo, there are no train tracks to be on either side of in this town.”

“It’s just an expression, now grab your bike. C’mon already.”

Jimmy shrugs his thin shoulders and a few minutes later we’re off, flying through town, coasting down cemetery hill and the giant elms that stand like sentinels lining the road, guarding the graves from any possible threat.

“Jo,” Jimmy wheezes out, and I can hear him pull out his inhaler before continuing, “Do you know how unlikely it is that we’re actually going to find him?”

“I had the dream again last night, Jimmy. He’s here.”


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