Writing Exercises: Day 2

wp-1466527306841.jpegToday’s writing. I should mention the book I’m using is by Bonnie Neubauer and is called The Write-Brain. I like it. It’s colorful.


My word: Appetite
Start with: The buccaneer

The Buccaneers by Edith Wharton sits on my desk, stares accusingly at me as I open the window and remove the screen. I stop, my black skinny jeans clad leg half out the window, take the time to weigh the pros and cons of doing homework versus playing drunk kick the can. My stomach rumbles, and I think about the pixie sticks and Circus Peanuts in my purse, packed to keep me sugared up well into the night.

The choice is obvious.


My word: Paris
Start with: The two bucks

The two bucks he has left after the bar sit on the nightstand next to the letter, the first letter, she sent him after first arriving in Paris. She had signed it, ‘Love, Val’. He is supposed to to visit next week, is supposed to leave Monday.

He steps outside in bare feet, the mid afternoon sun causing him to squint, and lights a Camel. He watches the smoke for a minute, watches as it drifts through the air, wonders what she will say when he calls.


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