We Lived In Kentucky Once

Packed up and invited friends
Had a party to celebrate
For two days
And in the end
We drove all night
Car and U-Haul packed full
Our belongings tucked in tight
And when we arrived
On no sleep we fought
About how to get the mattress and box springs
Up the wooden stairs
As the traffic from the highway
Drowned our argument out
And the refrigerator hadn’t arrived yet
Remember the spectacle
Two men carrying
White refrigerator
Other side of the house
We laughed when
They almost dropped it

The apartment downstairs
Seemed so quiet
A woman and a man
I don’t remember completely
But they might have been a little racist
When we drank with the man
Played euchre when Nick came to visit
And the man told us about being in prison
The amount of naivete
In the words I spoke
Filled the kitchen
Filled the sink
Filled with dirty dishes
And he tried to sell us pills
Before the vacancy
Before the pregnancy
Before Bob’s dog Moe died
Before my parents told me
About home


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