Infinity Is Sometimes Not Forever

The degree of an angle
Formulas in numbers and letters
The way math makes sense of
And the irony
Of how such a concept
Such a big thing
Can be capped
How we’ve found a way
To put parameters on
The word that defines never ending
And to me these numbers
Hold such promise
An explanation
That still doesn’t quite make sense
Not the way
Words and self defined definitions
The ink of a ball point pen on paper
The way one word says
Infinite and
I want to feel infinite
Come close when
Looking into space
Looking into the stars past
Years long obsession
Maybe if we keep trying
We can form an equation
A formula for these feelings
A formula to create even brief euphoria
A formula for these feelings
That just don’t make sense
Because if making sense of forever
Is logical
The numbers can
Form a formula and we’re
Making sense with math


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