Job Hunting: More Work Than a Job

I have been applying for jobs, writing cover letters, copying and pasting my skills, redoing my LinkedIn account because my work email it was linked to was deactivated…and I feel like I’m seeing stars! Hopefully, I’m hearing from potential employers!

Looking for a job has become vastly different than the last time I hunted; I remember I drove from place to place picking up applications, which I then took back home and filled out by hand, after which I redistributed said applications to the appropriate work place. Yes, this was even more work, but the thing about it was that it felt more human. To me, sitting behind a computer and typing why I would be awesome in person is sort of strange, ironic, even. The internet resume and application process has taken out the personal aspect to customer service. I feel very disconnected.

So here I am, blogging about sitting behind my computer, sitting behind my computer! Well, if anyone has any words of experience or advice, ideas besides Indeed, LinkedIn, Manpower, and Monster, let me know!


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