A Face on an Album Cover

Can a human disappear
And there is a book on my shelf
The edges are yellow
Like the old books
On my grandparents shelf
Covered in a layer of dust
And my favorite was in
A book of short stories
‘Little Sambo’
Because the child
Outsmarted tigers
And it is probably still in the same spot
But the memories are
So old
They are elderly memories
Yellowed with age and spots
And they will disappear
Beck will talk about devil’s haircuts
Hair falls on the floor
A carpet of brown hair
A lined face
In a freshly cleaned mirror
Free of the toothpaste specks
And fingerprints
All the people have lived
And died
Weigh in the claustrophobia
Of all time
David Bowie is a face on an album cover
Sitting next to the record player
The intense knot forming
The knowledge that no time is a guarantee
The Nerf gun fights
And laughs and smiles
The idea of never being again
Of how it will always end
Disappearing forever
These moments
This life


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