And…We’re Almost Finished!

It’s almost over! In just a matter hours, the President of the United States of America will be announced. It will be the end of terrible political commercials gracing our TV’s, the end of social media feeds with friends and family waging an all out word war, and the end of the debates. This election season has utterly astounded me. The blatant racism, sexism, name calling, and social media sensationalism that has plagued this election is mind blowing. Maybe I’m an optimist, (and no one calls me an optimist), but I didn’t realize how many people there are in our country that are so terrified of politics as is that they’re willing to put Trump in office. And I am more than a little terrified for the outcome. I mean, I get it. The people want something different. ME TOO! However, I refuse to sacrifice my beliefs and my humanity and my humility to get it. And I don’t believe I’m sacrificing everything with a vote for Hillary. I know that many Trump supporters are either ignorant of his flagrant racism, sexism, and narcissism, or in denial due to their need for change, but I honestly don’t see how his ideals can be overlooked.

We have a great country, albeit, not perfect. It was founded on blood and has perpetuated an inherently flawed democracy throughout it’s existence. (I’m not completely against democracy, and I’m not completely convinced socialism is the answer, but our system IS broken). However, I have the freedom to wear what I want. I have the freedom to work or not work. I have the freedom to marry whomever I choose, or not. I can take my son for a walk down the street and we don’t worry about a bomb decimating our existence. We don’t need to make America Great Again. What does that even mean? Make it great when the wife’s job was to be a stay at home mom and our culture was a proprietor of segregation? Should we go back to white men ruling? What DOES Trump mean? Obama inherited the economy after eight years of George W. Bush; he has built it back up. He has opened ties with Cuba. He tried, albeit only partially successfully, to implement universal healthcare. We cannot afford to go backwards!

So, it’s almost coming to end. Once again, I’m going to proudly say I’m With Her. And I know many of my friends, family, and acquaintances don’t agree with me, but that’s okay. We have our freedom of choice, and today, I exercised mine. I hope everyone else did the same. I may not understand the reasons behind why many support Trump, or I may just be keeping myself ignorant because I’m cynical enough, but soon the election will be behind us.

I’ll close with a political punk play list I made this afternoon, because why not? I’m sure I’ve missed a million political punk songs that should have made  it on, so if you’re into punk and you feel like it, let me know what songs!

  • NOFX – Franco Un-American
  • Cobra Skulls – There’s A Skeleton In My Military Closet
  • Cobra Skulls – Rebel Fate
  • Cobra Skulls – Cobracoustic
  • Rancid – Dead Bodies
  • Op Ivy – Unity
  • Leftover Crack – System Fucked
  • Against All Authority – War Machine Breakdown
  • Anti-Flag – Die For The Government
  • Anti-Flag – Free Nation?
  • Bad Religion – Recipe For Hate
  • Bad Religion –  Progress
  • Bad Religion –  You Are (The Government)
  • Propagandhi – Bullshit Politicians
  • Black Flag – Rise Above
  • Dead Kennedys – Kill The Poor
  • Adolescents – Democracy
  • Street Dogs – Rebel Song

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