The Day We Saw Dead Bodies in the Museum And Some Other Things

That time I went
To Chicago
The three hour train ride
And you bought me coffee
from Starbucks
We went to the library
And the stress of
Being on a trip all alone
Caught up with me

We caught the first bus
To the museum
Where the bodies
Of dead donated people
Made up a whole exhibit
Made up a whole floor
And later
A nice stranger took our picture
In a place I can’t remember

In a diner on Michigan
I played Frank Turner
From my phone
Because I knew you needed
Love Song and Ire in your life
Told you I’d been there before
The same diner
Six years prior
My best friend and I
Spent lunch in before
Flying to England
Where we discovered underground murder
How to hide in a water closet
And encountered a mime by the Eye
Shown a friendship
By a dancer from Detroit
And her drug dealing friend Ben
Who bought me a shot
And everything was so loud
Like a car driving straight
Through the hostel walls
on the fourth floor

I saw a picture
And the memories make up
My over crowded brain
And I can leave it here
Can leave it on this page
A piece of something
In a place where
A puzzle will form
As I make room
As I make parts of a whole
As I Build and break
Build and break

Chicago Flower


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